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Weird chit. 



Birgit R. Deubner is a London based multidisciplinary artist who focuses on the body, choreography and societal issues. Projects which she mainly inhabits between photography and painting explores researched and responded concerns of identity, body, renaissance painting, and the relationship between the practice of inquisition and contemporary cross-cultural relationships.

[NVS-A Gallery]

"The people you choose to associate with and how you view them will tell a great deal about yourself and how you view yourself."

"All of our perceptions and judgements are clouded by our past experiences and how we have chosen to view those experiences. Challenge things you tell yourself. How many messages are based on evidence or reality- How many are based on fears?"

"If we avoid pain, we may be avoiding the potential for personal growth that often comes with difficulties in life. It is during these times that we find lessons that help us stretch to another level. Our most difficult times push us out of our comfort zones, to find strengths we never knew were there. Success demands that we be able to see hope and possibilities even after major set backs."




these snakes are prettier than most people

The last one looks positively chipper and glad to be alive

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Hattie Watson
by stop[gap]

august 2014.

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